Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Blog, starting yesterday

i can't promise how this is going to work out... but i have started a new blog. one i hope to update with what really resonates with my soul, worship. i'm looking forward to posting songs, ideas, song ideas, my own personal recordings & more. check it out & update your bookmarks to this link. thanks!

resonate: worship blog


Sunday, February 04, 2007

for the record

For the record, I'm picking the Colts today to win the Super Bowl. I don't really care who wins. I like the fact that both quarter backs are SEC guys. Have fun watching the game today!


Also for the record, I believe in Pluto. It's Wyoming I have a problem with.

Friday, January 26, 2007

est. 1997

1997, 10 years ago, would prove to be an important year in my life. That January I was in school at Faulkner looking forward to finishing my sophomore year there in Montgomery, AL. I was also in my second year interning for Howard Todd @ the Vaughn Park Church. I was 19 going on 20. That summer I would struggle with the decision to go to N.J. & intern at the Randolph Church. The church had 80 members & 10 teenagers. Influenced by Genesis 12 & Abraham's faith, I was inspired to go.

Then, that fall I would drive my blue 1980 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe pick up truck that my Pappa had given me to Nashville, TN where I would start my Junior year of college at Lipscomb. In my first 3 weeks at Lipscomb I found myself as the new intern for the College Street Church working under Johnny Markham, & I found myself trying to date the beautiful woman who would become my wife 2 years later. Every week for 2 years me & Alisha would ride together side by side to Lebanon & back to go to church at College Street. I have the best memories of those drives early on Sunday morning & the late nights on the way home on Wednesdays.

I would also meet another youth ministry major that year who was in several of my classes & would come to be one of my closest friends, a guy by the name of Jason Bybee. 10 years later, I work at the same church with Jason, I'm married to that beautiful girl (& we have a kid together!), I'm still going to Lipscomb (working on my Master's now), & I am amazed at how God has led me through my own Genesis 12 experience as God has called me & led me to places (both literally & metaphorically) that I did not know. How blessed I am. Though I have not been ultimately faithful to His calling, He has been ultimately faithful to me. The journey continues & the next destination is unclear. There is no five year plan... just a trust to follow where He leads me. And a hope that I will have the faith to follow.